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HAIR  [  Tableau Vivant  ] - Barbercut hair @The Epiphany

Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut - Viking chic  [braid] Exclusive
Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut - Viking chic [top] Exclusive

DECOR  [  Bad Unicorn x Birch  ] - 'Summer 17' Gacha @Epiphany

[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 ' Jumbo Hot Dog'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'BBQ Grill'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Beach Ball'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Blue Pool Noodle'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'DJ Decks'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Ice Cream Van' RARE
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Inflatable Pool' RARE
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Keg'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Palm Tree'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Pink Pool Noodle'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Red Cup'
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Summer 17 'Speaker'

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